Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is
  2. How does works?
  3. Am I guaranteed to get accepted into castings by joining
  4. How to improve your exposure in
  5. What are advantages for casting directors and talents?
  • 1. What is is the platform that connects talented people to published castings.

    It’s the most efficient way for talented individuals to be found for the right jobs. From actors to models, to dancers to musicians... and many more! shows the latest international castings and helps performers find their stage.

  • 2. How does works?

    Talented individuals create their account by signing in with an email and password. They then complete the profile information regarding their talent category and experience. Once the account is confirmed, their profile shows in our talent directory.

    Casting directors are welcome to create their own account and publish their castings. Each casting is moderated by our expert team, and will then be shown in our casting listing page. gives every talented person an opportunity to not only show off what they can do and find castings, but it also makes it easy for them to share their profile with social media.

Everyone has a talent and we let it shine!

  • 3. Am I guaranteed to get accepted into castings by joining

    To get auditions and castings you have to be proactive, it's not enough to just be sitting pretty. How? Use our to get yourself seen. Apply for castings, pimp up your profile by having everything completed including your best shots. Your career is in your hands too!

  • 4. How to improve your exposure in

    Here are some tips on how to improve your exposure:

    • Fill out all your information regarding your expertise
    • Upload only your best photos
    • Upload your videos and audios
    • Sign in frequently to your account. Everytime you do so, you´ll appear in a priority position in our talent search.
    • Apply to castings that match with your conditions and criteria.
  • 5. What are advantages for casting directors and talents?

    With we have managed to create one of the best possible domains for a webpage, since it enables everyone to showcase their talent and sign up for castings; at the same time, professionals looking for people for their projects can advertise and organise their castings. We have expanded our audience significantly, since we provide possibilities of finding work for almost anybody, from models and actors to showpeople and dancers.

    What is new and unique to this project is that those looking for people can upload a script or instructions on what they need, and candidates can sign up and post photos, videos or audios made specifically to fit that need. For example, a company that is looking for a man to read a specific text in English with a French accent. The candidate receives the text and records audio or a video of the text, then uploads it to in response to that specific casting; the casting director can then pick and choose between different candidates and select the most suitable.