Extras for music video!

Extras for music video!

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Any gender, aged 14 to 28

Ends Jul 10, 2011, in London, United Kingdom

Music video for the band “Twenty Twenty” on Tuesday the 12th July, London.

The video is set at a cool Summer Party were the band are VIP guests!! Inside a warehouse but with a huge sky lights. We need Yng Hot Party People to come down and hang out with the band as if guests at a cool summer party!

There will be the possibility for a few lines (depending on your experience) on the online edit.

All expenses will be paid and food/travel will be provided, as will a credit and a copy of the music video when finished.

Zoe the director does lots of Top End work so will also be a great contact for models/actors alike.


Applications to this casting require:

  • Photo