Anna von Estorff

24 years old from Frankfurt, Germany

Model, Dancer, Actor and Other

Languages spoken: Catalan, German, English and Spanish

I really love everything in relation to creativity and imagination. So I´m very happy to call myself an actress, model, acrobatic dancer, director, editor and writer.
I finished my film direction, digital editing, script and photography studies last year, and now I especially work on commercials and advertisements as an actress and model, while I´m focusing to finish my first book.


To be a model offers me to express myself through a photography, tell a story through an image. I really love to give my best on every photo shoot I do, and I enjoy it. As my mother was a successful model, modeling has always been part of my life. Currently I have been working with photographers such as Ivan Jurado, Marcos Domingo Sánchez or Javi Dardo and collaborated with brands like Sony Xperia or Kin Cosmetics.


I danced since I was 5 years old. First I started with classic ballet and after a little break, I continued with contemporary pole dance, which is a fusion of contemporary dance style and acrobatic exercise on a pole. Currently I´m preparing myself for the national pole competition of Spain.


To act gives me the possibility to leave behind my own life, my person, and slip in another world, another personality. That´s what fascinated me of being an actress and motivates me to live more acting experiences. Theatre has always been part of my life, since I went to school, and now I would like to focus more on film. Currently I have worked for brands like Vodafone, Hotel Majestic or Kin Cosmetics.



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